Packing Tips for Moving To Florida

  • Boxes – Use high quality boxes that can sustain any possible damage done during the move. They can also support the weight of the contents. Pack heavier items on the bottom of the box, lighter ones on the top, and indicate which side is up, so that the boxes aren’t upturned and damage isn’t done.
  • Checklist – Make a list of the items to be packed, and while doing so club similar items together. Do not go room by room or stuff will end up getting mixed up and you will have to label each box with a list of things. For example, photo frames, flat showpieces, and small art frames can go together.
  • Labelling – Label each box with its contents, its delivery location and a box number. Make a separate list of each box number with an inventory of its contents.
  • Fragile items – Fragile items like nail polish bottles, perfume bottles and hand mirrors should be removed from dressers and cupboard. Items made of glass such as crockery or light bulbs etc. can be placed in their original cartons with heavy padding so that they do not move inside their boxes.
  • Food – Food has to be packed properly. Perishables and refrigerator items should be done away with.
  • What to pack, and what NOT to – Flammable material like gas cylinders and aerosols are strictly prohibited.
  • Valuables – Electronics and computers should be packed in their original boxes if possible. If original boxes are unavailable, then strong extra thick cartons should be used. Components should be heavily padded in cartons.
  • Moving cars – Cars should be empty of fuel and stripped of all important stuff before it is prepared for shipment. Make sure your insurance papers are in place and other important documents in case anything goes wrong during transport.