Most Forgotten Items While Packing For a Long Distance Move

Moving can be a chaotic experience if left on its own.  Even the most organized individual may forget to do or pack something, or may have missed including something on the planning list. Our staff has collected a list of commonly missed items to help prevent things dropping through the cracks of your move.

  • Bank documents and records: You might need money immediately in your new hometown, so find out if there is a branch of your bank located there or open a new account all together. Discuss the best way to take your money along with you, cancel all payments, retrieve all important bank documents like passbook, check book, and credit/debit cards and empty your safe deposit box.
  • Personal records and documents: Identity records, medical and insurance records, health and other official information is critical to you and your family’s well-being, so make sure to pack them along and keep them handy during travel.
    Address Book: Most people make the mistake of not keeping important contact numbers on them while leaving, like the people you need to contact in case of emergencies, family and friends, and also your movers to track your shipment.
  • Your new address and additional information needed: Make sure you have written down your exact new address, complete with landmarks and additional info required. It will be needed during forwarding mails, couriers, any outstanding bills etc., and you might even need it during travel or after arriving at your destination.
  • Items from tailors and cleaners: Make sure you collect clothes from dry cleaners and tailors, watches and shoes from watch and shoe repair shops, items stored elsewhere, loaned items such as money, library books and movie rentals, and return borrowed items too.
  • Spare things, hidden items and valuables: Collect spare keys and scourge for hidden valuables and items from all your rooms; it often happens that you forget about them once you have stashed them away safely.
  • Clear your bills: Make sure to pay all of your advance and outstanding credit card bills, library and club membership fees, milkman and newspaper, electricity, water and other bills so that they don’t become a problem later.
  • Plants and pets: Moving companies, as a rule, do not transport plants and pets. Make sure you make arrangements for your plants to be donated to a nursery (or make arrangements to pack them) and for your pets to travel with you too.

Compare your list with ours, and include anything you missed. We’ll keep updating ours, as we remember what we missed. We hope this contributes to a stress-free move.