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Mistakes While Packing for a Long Distance Move to Florida

Mistakes While Packing for a Long Distance Move to Florida
So you’ve finally decided to relocate to Florida. You have decided to plan everything and not make any mistakes in the process. However, that’s easier said than done. Following are a few mistakes that one could probably make while moving to the Sunshine state – Packing Mistakes

Attempting a DIY move

A DIY move is brave, but for a long distance move, you’re probably better off hiring a professional moving company.  Most Florida moving companies will move you for less, sometimes 45% percent less. Whether you move yourself or have hired a moving company, make sure the storage is climate controlled, especially dehumidified. A hot, humid storage facility can ruin furniture by swelling and buckling. The dampness and humidity can also cause mold and mildew to your furnishings and clothing. Air conditioned storage is the best, even if short term.Packing Services - Professional Packing Help and Assistance

What to pack and what to leave behind

Moving long distance/interstate is a huge deal, so you need to decide what you need and what you’re to leave behind. Make a list of the things that you will no longer need, so you also need to make arrangements for them to be sold off. For example, if you have considered and settled on a furnished house, then your furniture needn’t be moved, and so it has to be sold.

Transporting your vehicle

In Florida, you need your own vehicle for easy transportation. So, if you were thinking of transporting that sedan or brand new car, sell it off instead and buy a used low mileage jeep or pick-up. If you buy before leaving, you have to make arrangements for it to be transported, and if not, then you’ve just eased your trouble of transporting a vehicle hallway across the country.

Packing Services NYCPrepare for the weather

Florida is nicknamed the Sunshine State, but that moniker can be misleading. While there is no question that the sun beats down mercilessly on Florida even during the middle of winter, there’s also a lot of rain, and the winters can get a bit chilly here.

Make sure to pack light, breathable clothing to keep you cool in the summers. Also pack hats, sunglasses, skin creams and sun tan lotions necessarily. Winters are chilly, if not snowy, so pack your coats and scarves before moving to Florida.

Also, consider making your move in early to late fall. If that isn’t possible make sure to keep plenty of water on hand and enjoy the AC as you move boxes to and from. Florida is well-known for its hurricanes, so possessing a weather radio also is a must.

Hand baggage and main baggage

Pack everything that you won’t need till the time you reach Florida in your main baggage, and pack your passports and other important identity documents for your handbag. Also consider how much money you want to carry on person.

These few packing tips will certainly help iron out any bumpy glitches that you could have and ensure you a smooth transitions and long-distance move.

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Packing Tips for Moving To Florida

So you’ve decided to move to the Sunshine state without any further ado. You have also hired a professional moving company to move and transport all your stuff. However, you need to start early and pack as much stuff as you can on your own, before the movers arrive. This makes your moving much easier as you can plan out in advance and make sure you do not leave stuff behind or end up with unpleasant experiences. Following are a few packing tips >>

Packing Services – Professional Packing Help and Assistance

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