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New York to Miami Florida MoversIf you have ever moved you know how stressful it can be. Now imagine moving across the country. Moving long distance from New York to Florida does not have to be stressful. You have few decisions that you can make to help you on your move. First of all decide are you going to use a Florida movers or someone based in New York? A Florida mover will be closer to your destination.

Moving on a Budget to Florida

They are more likely to help you unpack and Packing Services NYCremove moving debris. I can offer you a couple of tips to help you chose your moving company. Take several estimates. If you want a Florida mover you will need to go online, for the estimate. Online estimates generally aren’t as accurate, just make sure you give them itemized and detailed list. Include bulky, heavy items as well as fragile items that will need extra care.

Verify extra services such as packing, unpacking, and cleaning up. Make sure they have insurance. You will want to make sure your belongings will be replaced if the unforeseen happens. Once you pick your mover, you need to pick the date you want to move. Moving during long holiday weekends may seem like a great idea, but generally you will pay more for hotels, gas, and at restaurants. While you will not need to take as much time off work, your expenses might not be worth it.

Shipping costs, or the cost of using a professional moving service, maybe higher during holiday weekends also. If you are going to hire a professional moving service to move you long distance from New York to Florida you will need to prepare for them. There are simple things you can do to prepare. Pack yourself. It will save you money. Begin packing nonessential items early.

Try to purge any items you don’t really need. It will save you the time of packing the items and unpacking them. Label each box clearly. You can either do this by item or simply by what room they came out of. It will make unpacking go smoother also. Clearly mark any fragile items. Use dark, bold colors. Print clearly on each box. Label each box in the same spot. Stack packed boxes out of the way, with heavier stuff on bottom.

Do not over fill the boxes. Planning for the trip itself. If you pack drinks and snacks it will cut down on stops and expenses. It is cheaper to buy things in bulk rather than stopping at gas station along the way. Have a clear route planned. Pre-planning your stops and booking your hotel for overnight stay can lesser stress. If you are traveling with your pets or small children plan on stopping every two hundred miles. Take any medications you might need with you. Make sure you have medication for motion sickness.

Remember if you get tired it is better to stop and rest than it is to risk it. Above all else, make sure you have a positive attitude.


Moving Tips

Mistakes While Packing for a Long Distance Move to Florida
So you’ve finally decided to relocate to Florida. You have decided to plan everything and not make any mistakes in the process. However, that’s easier said than done. Following are a few mistakes that one could probably make while moving to the Sunshine state – Packing Mistakes

Packing Services – Professional Packing Help and Assistance

Moving to New York to Miami Florida? Scheduling flexibility and excellent customer service combine to afford us the ability to meet each of our client’s individual needs. Moving to Miami is an intense experience and New York to Florida Moving Company has designed our packing and unpacking services to help ease the burden.

We can provide friendly professional packers to help you organize your move in New York or Miami Florida. Our friendly fully-trained packers will properly pack everything from clothes to kitchenware; even delicate pieces like artwork or china are packed perfectly – secure for the duration of your move.

Once the move is complete and the truck is unloaded, our friendly packers will help to unpack your items and begin the process of making your new house or apartment a home or office.

Packing Services Offered in New York & Miami Florida

Expert Packing Service

Need help packing? Long Distance New York to Florida Movers can help. Whether you moving a large household or a small apartment, our friendly professional packers can make the process easy for you.

Expert Unpacking Service

Don’t want to live out of boxes for days or weeks? Our friendly professional packers can help unpack your belongings and organize it for you.

Partial Packing / Unpacking Service

Don’t need your entire household packed? With New York to Florida Movers Beach you also have the convenience of selectively using our packing and unpacking services. Need a little assistance in the kitchen? No problem! Our friendly household movers and packers have you covered.

If you’ve selected New York to Florida Movers as your mover, you are on your way to a great move. At New York to Florida Movers, we believe that an informed customer is a real asset to a mover. We make it our business to give you “the whole picture.” We don’t like – or expect – surprises on moving day. And neither should you.

To learn more about our friendly packing/unpacking services contact us at 954-317-0202 or email us at

Packing is also a huge hassle. We have trained movers that will safely pack and secure your valuable belongings. Our packing charges are probably even less than you think. Our friendly movers are ready to help you from start to finish.

We know your time is limited, and you want your move to be completed as fast as possible. Long Distance Miami Movers has solutions for all packing and unpacking needs. Most people we serve express their dislike in packing/unpacking, mostly because it seems overwhelming.

As experienced packing professionals, we will make this undesirable task easy and as painless as possible. We are very meticulous when packing, making sure that each and every fragile piece is completely wrapped and packed properly. When unpacking, our professional movers will place items where ever you want, minimizing the post-move settling-in.