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Become part of New York Florida movers in New York and you’ll be warmly greeted with a welcoming Hello from our expats living and working in New York. Whether you plan on moving to Florida or just visiting Interested in expat life around the world, though? We have additional information on dozens of countries and cities, Have a look. There are several factors like education, employment, recreational creatures attracts people to West Palm beach, Florida.

Climate in West Palm Beach

Moving to West Palm Beach from New YorkGrowth occurred to the north and south in a linear fashion and it’s due to vast areas of swampland immediately to the west of the city’s downtown. Finally Large scale development occurred to the west of the city with improved access and drainage. However, the West Palm beach city boundaries were not expanded much with the exception of an uninhabited area in the northwest part of the city that serves as a reservoir for the city drinking known as the “Water Catchment Area“.


Places in the way

Central Park

Originally central park was part of the Estates of South Palm Beach which went from Wenonah Place to Pilgrim Road east of Dixie Highway. This is a collective name for several subdivisions north of Southern Boulevard. The tropical wilderness was transformed into an exclusive neighborhood with curbed roads, sidewalks and a pier at the foot of what is now Southern Boulevard around 1919. In 1926, the neighborhood became part of West Palm Beach, and was named a city historic district in 1993. The neighborhood was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1999.


Flamingo Park

Flamingo Park was established by local contractors and developers, who saw the potential in this area which is one Miami Long Distance Movers to New York and Miami Floridaof the highest coastal ridge sections from downtown West Palm Beach to Miami. Flamingo Park originally used to be known as a pineapple plantation. Some houses even had ocean views from upper floors. Property values are rising as residents renovate and restore Spanish-style houses. Here you will find many Mediterranean revival-style houses along the high ridge line. 701 Flamingo Drive designed by Harvey and Clarke, and the Armory Arts Center designed by William Manly King are Two famous historic architect built buildings are very popular.

Grandview Heights

Grandview Heights was built as an extension of Palm Beach Heights from around 1910 to 1925. This is one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods which is still intact. Grandview Heights originally attracted construction workers who helped build the luxury hotels, ministers and store owners. It has the city’s best collection of early craftsman-style bungalows, as well as some modest, Mediterranean revival-style homes. In 1995, the neighborhood became a West Palm Beach historic district was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1999.

Moving from New York to Florida especially West Palm Beach becomes memorable particularly due to its charming flavor and metropolis custom.


Palm Beach International Airport – PBI

West Palm Beach Area Attractions