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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Out

It’s inevitable to commit several mistakes in life; it has many levels of annoyance that it can give depending on the scenario. And you know how long you are going to travel all the way from New York to Florida, right? So make sure that these mistakes are being avoided so we can ensure a nice travel cross-country without any problems.

  • Noticing the furniture and not the hardware – If you unbolted or unscrewed some of your furniture before packing it, some have the tendency to leave it in the box and just get it once they arrive. This results to missing hardware since it might have fall off or it was left inside the truck making the furniture impossible to reassemble. To avoid this, you must place the hardware in a small container; a can will do, and pack it together with its designated furniture.
  • Not Preparing the packages – Always prepare before you do something, or you’re not that ready. Some have the idea that the movers that will go to Florida will take care of the things so it’s no problem. When it comes to moving, you need to have a checklist of all your items and make sure that it’s completely sorted out so once that you have arrived in your new home, it’s just a swipe of a pen on your list when it’s time to unpack your stuff. Don’t expect movers to organize your stuff for you, they’re not the home owner.
  • Not Planning – There is a tendency that some people just felt excited about going to a new place, to the point that they don’t even care that they do not know what will happen during the long distance travel from New York to Florida. Not even knowing the 2 kilometer difference, it will surely be a misadventure of a lifetime. So make sure to check maps, there’s many online, for directions, stopovers to unwind for a moment, and to know how long will it take for them to arrive on their new home. Always be ready, even though you’re already excited to have a new start in life.
  • Trying Hard to DIY – It’s a great thing to do DIY (Do It Yourself) because it saves money, and makes you learn some new things to do. But make sure that you are doing it right, because this can lead to serious trouble if your moving is not doing well along the way. Make sure you have the right equipment available, and the right vehicle to perform this courageous task. Always remember, if you plan to go on a trip from New York moving to Florida, and having a hard time moving things, the Florida movers are always there to help.
  • Not Knowing the Costs when Moving – Moving really costs a lot especially when you are planning to go cross-country, so it’s better to be sure on whom are you making a deal with. Make sure to check how their services cost, and watch out for some unexpected fees. Make sure to make a good budget and survey the movers well before going for the road trip. It prevents being broke, and keeps you full for the whole trip.

As said by many, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so make sure that you are well prepared before moving out. So the trip can be good, signaling that you are ready for your new life.

Moving Tips

Mistakes While Packing for a Long Distance Move to Florida
So you’ve finally decided to relocate to Florida. You have decided to plan everything and not make any mistakes in the process. However, that’s easier said than done. Following are a few mistakes that one could probably make while moving to the Sunshine state – Packing Mistakes

Packing Services – Professional Packing Help and Assistance

Moving to New York to Miami Florida? Scheduling flexibility and excellent customer service combine to afford us the ability to meet each of our client’s individual needs. Moving to Miami is an intense experience and New York to Florida Moving Company has designed our packing and unpacking services to help ease the burden.

We can provide friendly professional packers to help you organize your move in New York or Miami Florida. Our friendly fully-trained packers will properly pack everything from clothes to kitchenware; even delicate pieces like artwork or china are packed perfectly – secure for the duration of your move.

Once the move is complete and the truck is unloaded, our friendly packers will help to unpack your items and begin the process of making your new house or apartment a home or office.

Packing Services Offered in New York & Miami Florida

Expert Packing Service

Need help packing? Long Distance New York to Florida Movers can help. Whether you moving a large household or a small apartment, our friendly professional packers can make the process easy for you.

Expert Unpacking Service

Don’t want to live out of boxes for days or weeks? Our friendly professional packers can help unpack your belongings and organize it for you.

Partial Packing / Unpacking Service

Don’t need your entire household packed? With New York to Florida Movers Beach you also have the convenience of selectively using our packing and unpacking services. Need a little assistance in the kitchen? No problem! Our friendly household movers and packers have you covered.

If you’ve selected New York to Florida Movers as your mover, you are on your way to a great move. At New York to Florida Movers, we believe that an informed customer is a real asset to a mover. We make it our business to give you “the whole picture.” We don’t like – or expect – surprises on moving day. And neither should you.

To learn more about our friendly packing/unpacking services contact us at 954-317-0202 or email us at

Packing is also a huge hassle. We have trained movers that will safely pack and secure your valuable belongings. Our packing charges are probably even less than you think. Our friendly movers are ready to help you from start to finish.

We know your time is limited, and you want your move to be completed as fast as possible. Long Distance Miami Movers has solutions for all packing and unpacking needs. Most people we serve express their dislike in packing/unpacking, mostly because it seems overwhelming.

As experienced packing professionals, we will make this undesirable task easy and as painless as possible. We are very meticulous when packing, making sure that each and every fragile piece is completely wrapped and packed properly. When unpacking, our professional movers will place items where ever you want, minimizing the post-move settling-in.

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