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New York to Florida Movers

Long Distance Moving Experts

We move homes and businesses from one room to a full building. Move to or from anyplace with the long distance moving experts.

Full Service Movers

Long distance moving is our only business. We’ve been helping people like you move between New York, Florida, and a host of other places since 1986.

Excellent Pricing

Take advantage of the efficiencies we’ve learned over the years as professional long distance movers. We do this a lot, and know how to save.

Leading Long Distance Moving Company

Guaranteed Price

We guarantee the price we quote for your move.

Firm Delivery Dates

We schedule delivery with you and keep to the schedule.

Wide Service Area

Our staff and partners form a network that stretches nationwide.

Full Service

Our full range of services can make all the difference to your long distance move.


Full service from start to finish of your move.


Have us pack one piece, a few, or everything.


Every box you need to move it all and find it later.


Get the right insurance for your needs and budget.


We Move You

we use only our movers.
The same movers that load your belongings onto our van lines will unload them at your new home or office.

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